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Available April 15th, 2019

Voodo Auditing

"The number cruncher's craft.."

Mommas, Don't Raise Your Babies to be Federal Workers

"The result is perfectly predictable..."

It's the bureaucracy, Stupid!

"Look, lets be honest about this, okay?"

About the Author


Richard A. Green

Ric Green set out to be the best Internal Revenue Agent he could be. He never imagined that being a good agent required him to be a bad person.

Richard Green was an auditor in the private sector and an accounting professor before his five years as an agent of deceit.

About The Book

In Agents of Deceit you will learn:

  • How IRS agents are trained to find and take your money
  • About the sorcery of an IRS audit
  • About the $1,000 an hour audit rule
  • How to laugh at an IRS audit
  • How to get jailed for a deduction
  • Is there such a thing as a "safe" Schedule C
  • About the myth that claims you can never discharge income taxes through bankruptcy
  • About the rapidly approaching "returnless" society
  • What the IRS is planning for your future
  • Why the IRS has flunked every GAO audit
  • How we could responsibly eliminate the IRS from our lives



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