Agents of Deceit; Richard Green

From: George Espenlaub's show

Richard Green will be discussing his time working in the I.R.S. and how he lost his job. Author of, "Agents of Deceit," he was fired when he saw the corruption from the inside. A Whisleblower who sued and won his case he will take us behind the scenes of what goes on inside the I.R.S.


Ex-IRS Agent Tells All

The IRS is the most powerful, but least accountable, institution in America. Not only is it contemptuous of U.S. Tax Payers, but it also thumbs it nose at the U.S. Congress.

Story Ideas:

  • Discover How IRS Agents Are Trained To Find And Take Your Money.
  • Learn The Secrets Behind An IRS Audit.
  • IRS Agents Are Expected To Make $1,000 An Hour When Auditing You.
  • How To Laugh At An IRS Audit.
  • How To Avoid Deductions That Could Land You In Jail.
  • About The Rapidly Approaching “Return-less” Society (The IRS Plans To Find And Take Your Money As Soon As You Earn It).
  • Why The IRS Has Flunked Almost Every Audit By Other Federal Agencies.
  • How To Eliminate The IRS Forever.
  • .

Media Experience:

  • Featured In The Los Angeles Times.
  • Profiled On Fox News.
  • Interviewed By Numerous Talk Shows.


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